Jason Christie: Five Poems


custom style laughter
shade and shadow
laughter, slow down
over snow, son wave
to father, bright light
casting us forward
in time holding hands
across an expanse
of shining white dunes
with the dark all around


every fact is also a lie

nearness of grains
like button and hole
an invading flotilla
or a little spillage
into paper, distributed
rocks breaking down
bits self-assembling
into giant planets
and what you might
want from all of this
gravity and matter:
a rubber hose and
a rust-eaten metal
wheel, a sparrow
whistling in a cage
with bars far enough
apart that the bird
could leave any time


a bide

Small capsule driftwood smoke
A fletched arrow calling home
Backwards through the alphabet


most used

Metaphor: a cat dangling
Out a window, a window
Open to the night, a night
Crumbling to dawn, a dawn
Above our sleeping bodies
Beginning to unsettle what-
Ever metaphor we employ
In pursuit of a perfect sleep
To dream, to dream, to dream
And not to rise when the cat
Howls, when the window bangs
Shut, when the night gutters,
When the metaphor becomes
Morning, to mean, to mean, to
Mean, a shortcut to the toilet


walk through mirror

exit stage nobody cares
not a direct path to figurative
language, but the very first
bit of language began
to isolate the symptom
from the cause, the ego
from the ideology, or
some wild guess as to
being away for the holidays
without internet access
in a small mountain town
no, you are the boundary
between knowing and
some kind of pratfall-
style exit from becoming
a leader in the free world
which is to say spinach
in a can can make
humans strong because
i’ve seen it on youtube


Jason Christie is the author of a lot of stuff. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, he doesn’t have to list it all out here like some little placeholder daemon sent to represent him. He asks: What does exaltation look like in the process-obsessed present? If the aesthetic is accepted as authentic, then isn’t that just another way to say enjoy yourself at the sales conference? He lives in Ottawa with his wife and child and makes noises: https://jasonchristie.bandcamp.com/. Thank you.

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