Craig Dodman: 6 Transonates

Translating Hugo Ball

I’ll be there
talk to you
Solar Cola
tablet talk to talked tackle blah
attack pack
bad Buddha ballet
text thru you
follow calm
be back in bed
o clock for alpha
claw the whole hour
now I am
clean get you over how far
over by our
clickdeath if I mellow out
I’ll bet these
auburn como hour
to you
so go out with them
bow out
coma given sighed thank god
gotta go but I gotta go


Translating Raoul Hausman

Picture it
it’s important to tweet nudity
protein looking booty
deputy attempted
diety to ticket
template to feet
ten tips to turret
pp xanax
proper way to
throw a loyalty oath
toodaloo totally
turn the key
it’s he
we got the beat
soon sweet we
repeat eat
light tow
porn thong
courgar lip
current the prude
how to ero we owe
will you be the only
sweet tip shooter
droid peeling
loyal lyrics


Duet: Eigasing Rin Jalamund
Translating Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven

I get to run – in a job – couldn’t consent –
you can see – quit career!

Who said – useless

I love my own –
Blood – as new!

Don Dada – and on – toddler –
Or texting – I could sing – luckily!

Leave you – apology – the secret –
Telephone –

darling angel – it – too!

Oh – o – actress wife was not –
Oral logic – guessing – what are the next to!

Just – hast – why must –
must swap me – shut up – but order me!


Translating Hugo Ball

Jolly photo Buffalo volleyball
growth Pizza Apple ahora
Giga daughter
Hugo Blick ruse would you
Pollock Lala
that logo bucket
black label
delay book
Buffalo attack
you don’t you
shop hula so audible
hit pasta Gold
issues with sonata
bullet proof seppuku elusive dude
Tampa by I’m from
cool so dumb
fuck up


Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists: Somniloquy
Translating a rawlings

And I am the life of cosmic or crocus or marrow or causes casual removal motor. Words breedable of Glen. i speaking, words are worth, in the field. breath like will. breath like size. words please put. breath like will. breath like size, sometime. breathtaking. low to steep and bring your drinks. in the field. sweet to fly by. sleeper cell. silicon sleeping slender fly chanting and interested love. pictures of longs.

its complex hell slow-mo. hyperbole converted.


sleeping lessons shorter. does distill no hound. feet in length the sun keeps the body. answer to the body agate. its shell iris, rapid people pyres, not if you go on, eyes i share. beauty upon courtesy. keep upon sighing Eros. so we are good people. upon there, pioneer people, papyrus siren upon the phone. pick up on thermite. please if you book the correction, this is terminal.

in still time and bordered.


foreigner motor builder in the rating only grow tired we must us our lungs and solid customer: asleep long i i ha ha i then answer arg whoa whoa whoa whoa alkaline. punk read at all as one: i app ach hover at home emitter hands what size do together. however, hello. free how we got sure. flighting cover upload sonata large and pierce propogate larva and the curses cards of my larva and


and of course black alarm and lemon juice reductive larva cancel at all love and images you larva and irrational live on alarm, and sorry, and the stone alarm plus honesty love and concern. dear lover, plus an authority love and melody. sincere love in my letter, asylum love, milk to the young larvae and together through the alarm and bring to the search.

love and geranium. rusting larva and emeritus


you see larva insect – the two larva and northmen irresistible. larva and immaculate. Re: and larva on skeleton tides. Orion larva and i receive our text service. larva and that’s its the thesis larva and then the whole. fortuitous larva and consider forgotten alarm a horoscope, fatal battle. larva and selenium the entire alarm a distant stereo love in the stone veterinarian. but to learn the larva an arena, define the aria larva a medical summer mystery alarm



tell our friend spiritus emeritus: onslaught marvel, antivirus cruciform is larva and sorry. the new alarm note to don’t die. drama diaries love and dignity. calculator larva music system. minute larva and autonomous rubric. honest love and i love my lyric regular larva and bacteria vehicular larva and i address you i’m your love. enough to film riot alarm like a noble over the racket. larva and to, seriously vascular larva, and set them intermedia love. never grow tired, ring with similar

to read damage, receive we should ourselves.


Translating Kurt Schwitters

Firm but it’s real value
I’ll give

deliver the bow
dolor blurb some stuff
early bird

so much poem
people put the top
both of us apply Pizza
upskirt without you

Quotes about I love you
what is your
pissed pills too
to talk?

Earth day babe it’s going to be
x the infinite, see you can you
Rocket a baby
wrapped teeth too

see you in the view interview
see you in the incident rotisserie
write a paper like a business

I love you
use a pay way babe
wreck it stupid
books buy the
but will the road
what’s up with that
books with that
but with that
fitter than you both eyes at you

what’s wrong with that
bow ties are in
smooth as you go
what I thought I believe
some sort of eyes on you

Record everything
I record everything
lyrics Babel
hobo opal
book photo portal
four proposals done
films with the world
who wrote the book of Poo
who wrote the book
poems about I love you as I do



Craig Dodman is a writer, an editor, and curator of the Border Blur Reading series, living in Niagara Falls. His manuscript Proteus Looks into the Mirror won the Michael Hornyansky Prize of Creative writing. He has recently had poems published in Dreamland Magazine. His collaborative work World 1 – 1 is available from Poetry Will Be Made By All, and he has a chapbook of visual poems called The Cosmic Bend published online through Poetry is Dead

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