Brian Dedora: Five Paper Poems






(c) 2017 Brian Dedora

Brian Dedora’s novel/memoir A Slice of Voice at the Edge of Hearing was a finalist for both the Relit Award & the George Ryga Prize, followed by another “audacious experiment in narrative” A Few Sharp Sticks, followed by Lot 351, and a book of visual work from the 70s/80s entitled Eye Where, all through the Mercury Press and Tekst Editions. Editorial Visor in Madrid and BookThug in Toronto published his latest work on the Spanish poet and playwright, Federico Garcia Lorca, titled Lorcation in a bilingual edition in 2015. Two at High Noon published by Nomados Literary Press was also released in 2015. Retired from his profession as a master gilder, he’s written about the artist William Kurelek and contributed an essay for the catalogue of Kurelek’s cross-country retrospective; he now reads & writes full-time. He’s been travelling to Spain since 1980. He can be visited at

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