a bout & sub missions


our teeth is an episodic online locutorium for poems and poemers and mopers, alike. while we appreciate the poly-orbitals of poetics, our teeth bends most eagerly to the exceptional, strange, ugly, manifold, and hazardous.

missions: converses with/about/around/within/underneath/beside/without contemporary verses, diverses, perverses!

submissions: we are currently not reading poetry or poedo, but continue to welcome the following kinds of words: reviews, statements, interviews, shout-outs, vids, jokes, surveys, gifs, research involving human subjects, and astroturfs. editors will endeavour to respond attentively and constructively to submissions with some kinda editorial feedback, but know that we’re merely stupid humans. and unfort, there’s no funds to pay contributors; writers are welcome to include links to sites, wares, and dreams in their bios. please toss words and queries towards ourteethpress (at) gmail.com

not really is a book-object making shed in Armstrong, BC, and a digital storefront on the internet.

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